Association Grenobloise des Doctorant.e.s

Welcome to the website of the Grenoble Association of Doctoral Students, l’Association Grenobloise des Doctorant.e.s (AGreD).

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Mission statement :

Empowering doctoral candidates within the Grenoble-Alpes University community, our association is dedicated to:

  • Fostering integration and interactions among doctoral candidates.
  • Advocating for the work of doctoral candidates, students, and young researchers.
  • Welcoming new doctoral candidates and tracking the progress of alumni.
  • Implementing tools to enhance students’ professional integration.
  • Cultivating scientific relationships among members, the University, and Industry, through organized meetings and training sessions.
  • Enhancing the value of doctoral experience as a professional endeavor, and preparing future professionals.
  • Ensuring adherence to doctoral candidates’ status, working conditions, and integration within the institution’s life and governance bodies.
  • Promoting the sciences.

Board :

The AGreD board is composed of :

  • President : Stéphan Pissot
  • Vice-president : Benaissa Larbi
  • Secretary : Théo Abadie
  • Vice-secretary : Morgane Bourhis
  • Treasurer : Phan Anh Vu